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2010-06-24 13:56:32 by KoalaFire

This project took me longer than anything I have submitted thus far. As you will see when you watch it, the characters interact with each other a lot more than in my previous animations, making it more enjoyable to watch. My previous animation got positive reviews, but complaints about how short it was, so I made this one longer.
I also experimented with symbols and tweening, and found it a lot easier rather than pasting each frame and then moving it little by little.
Enough of this chit-chat, go watch my flash animation!!

Oh yeah, the picture bellow is a donkey, not a koala. This picture is shown in the upper right corner of the animation.


New animation!!

2010-04-07 17:04:51 by KoalaFire

Check out my new animation, "Penguin meets Panda,".
What could be the outcome of two totally different animals meeting in a blizzard?

Yes, I joined, made a review, nothing special...yet...

2009-05-31 12:10:18 by KoalaFire

Yep, I'm just a Koala, who somehow got his head on fire.
I like the tank, it's fun to ride.
I actually use Linux for my internet and transfer my animations from my Windows machine (which has a tablet! Yay!!).
I hope you like my animations and anything else I might submit.